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Stafford Festival Shakespeare - Macbeth

28th June 2018 - 14th July 2018

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre together with Freedom Leisure are pleased to present the Stafford Festival Shakespeare 2018 production of The Bard’s horrific tragedy, Macbeth.

Following the critically-acclaimed, award-winning production of The Tempest, Stafford Festival Shakespeare will return to the atmospheric surroundings of Stafford Castle next year and transport audiences to a fictional medieval Scotland where diabolical dark deeds wreak havoc across the land.


Originally set in the ‘11th Century’, Macbeth lends itself perfectly to the backdrop of Stafford Castle, and the site grounds will provide a truly unique opportunity for theatre goers to experience the essence of the text. There has been a rich history at the site of Stafford Castle since 913, and its changing fortunes during the Saxon and Medieval periods echo the tumultuous political history of Shakespeare’s medieval Scotland.


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