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#WDYT (what do you think)  is a campaign that is helping reinvigorate Stafford town centre, it is fun, easy and we would love you to get involved!


We love our town centre and we want more people to share the great things we have here, you can help us to do this by simply taking a photo of anything you like in our town centre, for example,  this could be anything from a  cake, new hair cut, meal, cocktail, new dress, new bag, nails you have just had painted, new car, pair of glasses or sunglasses,  on your mobile phone and share  it on twitter or Instagram and mention where you had it from, and #WDYT #STAFFORD.


For example  if you bought a dress from M&S in Stafford you would share the photo on twitter and mention @staffordmands, #WDYT #STAFFORD.


Watch out for competitions where you could win vouchers or some of your favourite things from businesses in Stafford town centre.




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